Anti-Oxidants - destroys Free Radicals which cause premature ageing. Contains 6 products

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Our Anti-oxident multi pack of supplements giving 2 month's supply of essential Anti-Oxidants, which destroy the free radicals known to cause oxidation, resulting in premature aging. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. CLICK THE PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO PURCHASE Anti-Oxidant.
Brand Natures Choice Supplements
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2 month's supply - tablets & capsules

A multi pack of several different supplements with a two month's supply of essential  Anti-Oxidants,  in 6 separate packets.

The only thing that destroys "Free Radicals" is anti-Oxidants.  What is oxidative stress? When metal rusts this is known as oxidation. The process continues until the item breaks down and can no longer fulfill its function.

Our bodies do not rust in the same way, but oxidation and the formation of free radicals cause damage to the body's cells, also resulting in eventual loss of function and ageing.

Our bodies are being constantly invaded by thousands of substances which the body cannot properly deal with, such as high levels of sunlight, atmospheric pollution, alcohol, tobacco, heavy metals, pesticides, food colours, chemicals in the air we breathe, and the water we drink.

Many processed foods, drugs, and medicines can also cause problems when these substances react with the oxygen in the body causing free radicals to develop. Scientists around the world have proved that free radicals are a major factor in the development of over two hundred medical conditions, such as Cancer, Arthritis, hardening of the arteries, heart conditions, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Diabetes ,Strokes, Thrombosis, and many other serious diseases.

Doctors now around the world have taken a serious interest in anti-oxidants and the role they play in the anti-ageing processes of the body, their massive effect on free radicals is now well documented.

Natures Choice have produced a superior multi formulae of highly effective Anti-Oxidants to help slow down your ageing process.

1 tablet or capsule from each separate pack on average provides the following:

Vitamins; A 750mcg, B(Thiamin 1.2mg Riboflamin 1.6mg Niacin 18mg B6 2mg),C 30mg, D 2.5mcg & E 4mg are powerful Ant-Oxidants, & recent research suggests they may also help maintain a healthy heart & skin.

Selenium; 100ug. Helps maintain a healthy liver, and youthful elasticity of tissues. It also slows down premature stamina loss and is a very potent Anti-Oxidant. Combined with Zinc. Zinc; 2.0mg Helps to build the immune system, aids healing, helps in bone growth, stimulates sexual function and protects the prostate gland in males. Combined with Selenium.

Punica-Granatum L; 200mg (40% Ellagic Acid) A native of Iran and the Himalayas, helps maintain healthy Cholesterol levels, support cardio-vascular function, contains natural Phytoestrogen, acts as a high quality Anti-Oxidant.

Beta Carotene; 5mg A well recognised Anti-Oxidant with cancer prevention properties, may cut risk of heart attack by up to 50% (Harvard Medical School).

Ascorbic Acid with Citrus Bioflavonoids; 50mg Citrus Bioflavanoids + 1100mg Vit c - Plays a prime role in Calogen formation, maintains healthy body cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth, and is also a powerful Anti-Oxidant.

Ubiquinone Co-Enzyme Q10; 30mg A potent Anti-Oxidant & has a beneficial effect on the heart. Several studies report improved endurance due to its role in energy production.

Take 1 tablet or capsule from each packet in the pack daily with main meal.

Free from artificial preservatives, Gluten & Lactose. No added salt or sugar.

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Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans