Ginseng Korean - For fatigue - menopause - tonic - athletes - sex

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Korean Ginseng Contains Panax CA Meyer 4-6 year old Korean Ginseng roots, regarded as the best Korean Ginseng in the world. Helps maintain health & vigour, for athletes, women during the menopause, students revising for exams or anyone with demanding schedules, those suffering fatigue or recovering from illness or surgery.Korean Ginseng also enhances sexual performance. CLICK THE PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO PURCHASE Korean Gingseng.
Brand Natures Choice Supplements
Condition New
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Korean Ginseng

GX 2500 plus

30 Capsules

Korean Ginseng GX2500+  is an adaptogenic herb. The quality and effectiveness of which is determined by the type of root used and it’s Ginsenoside content.
Ginsenosides are the active principles of Ginseng, without them Ginseng will not work. Korean Ginseng GX2500+ contains a 30% Ginsenoside rich extract that is up to 8 times stronger than many other Ginseng extracts.
Korean Ginseng GX2500+ is made only from the concentrated extract of Panax CA Meyer 4-6 year old Korean Ginseng roots regarded as the best Ginseng in the world.

Korean Ginseng GX2500+

  • A rejuvenating tonic helps maintain health & vigour.
  • For athletes or anyone taking part in vigorous exercise.
  • Women during the menopause.
  • Students revising for exams.
  • Those suffering from fatigue or recovering from illness or surgery.
  • Executives with demanding schedules.
  • Acts as an enhancer of sexual performance.

Korean Ginseng GX2500+
Active Ingredients: Korean Ginseng Extract 30% Ginsenosides

Each tub contains 30 Capsules.

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