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When we get cross with a friend or partner they often erupt (an over reaction).
When a body over reacts to an irritant the result may be Dermatitis.
Dermatitis is the immune system sending out a message "I am irritated on the skin".
Allergic contact dermatitis: A red, itchy, weepy reaction where the skin has come into contact with a substance that the immune system recognizes as foreign, such as poison ivy, poison oak or certain preservatives in creams and lotions. This type of reaction reflects a specific sensitivity or allergy to a specific substance, also called allergic contact eczema.

We often find many people's skin will react quickly to such items as Nickel, Latex, Wool, synthetic fibres, chemicals in washing, and laundry products, also many other products can cause problems to people who are sensitive to them, the end result is a person with a sore red itchy skin.

A number of years ago a mother brought her two year old son to see me. As we removed the little fellow's socks his skin peeled away at the same time, leaving him with raw red sore flesh. At this time the child did not stand or walk due to the severe pain.
My first thought was of washing powders or fabric softeners so I preceded to test him for sensitivity to many products all of which showed no reaction at all.  The rest of his body was not affected in any way just his feet up to the level of his socks.

The Childs Doctor had prescribed many steroidal type creams all with little or no effect.  I asked the Child's mother to bring me all her son's socks into the clinic for testing,  I then tested the child against his socks and to my amazement he reacted to all but four pairs out of a total of around thirty.

I placed the bad pairs into a bag and told the mother to only let him wear the four pairs for a few days to see if there was any improvement. After only a few days his feet were healing without any further reaction, by the end of a week the flesh was covered by a new layer of skin.

A week later the mother, a nurse, was on weekend duty and the father was looking after the child. He had told his wife that he thought my results were a lot of rubbish and it must be down to something else.  Unable to find any clean socks for the boy he put on a pair out of the bag of rejected ones and that night when he put the boy to bed he once again peeled of the new skin along with the socks.

We now had a reluctant convert in the father. I continued to test this child who after only a few weeks was running about again, but he seemed to have a problem with certain pairs of socks up until around his fifth birthday, when he appeared to grow out of the problem which has never returned.

It is not always external substances that are the trigger, sometimes foods may also be a problem, and I would strongly recommend any one who is experiencing a skin condition to have an allergy test carried out in order to eliminate any suspect foods from the diet.

Doctors of Dermatology have known for years that minor deficiencies of certain Vitamins and minerals could produce Skin, Hair and Nail problems.

A large proportion of the public in the UK and America, although they are getting fatter, are in fact suffering from malnutrition, that is to say they are Vitamin and Mineral deficient. Considering Vitamins and Minerals are the building blocks of the body it is little wonder we are suffering more and more auto immune disorders.

Deplete the body of VIT-A, Biotin and other B vitamins, Vit E, or Zinc and it will not be very long before the body will develop a severe skin rash.  What Doctors are not sure about is what causes the body to react in this way and its consequential effects.

Some foods have been found to be the trigger for Dermatitis, or in some cases to make it worse, common foods such as-

Milk allergy in small children can often trigger a response resulting in Atopic Dermatitis,
In these cases then one should avoid Cows Milk, Cheese and Butter altogether.
Although Yoghurt is a diary product it is often less likely to cause a reaction.
Eggs also have been known to cause a skin reaction in some people.

Wheat contains a protein known as Gluten which often may cause red itchy skin on the arms and legs and sometimes in the scalp.
Avoiding Gluten is very difficult as it pops up in all sorts of processed foods. There are more Gluten free foods about these days but the supermarkets on the whole do not seem to stock them, and this means going to your local health food store.
Gluten can also be found in Rye, Barley and Oats although in smaller amounts.

Shrimps, Prawns, Lobster Crab etc. are deadly to some people causing a severe reaction in those sensitive to them.

Soya is often given as a milk substitute, or it can be made into Gluten free bread, however again certain people can have a bad reaction to anything with Soya content.

Food Supplements
Several supplements have been found to have a beneficial effect on all skin conditions
, They are-

Zinc alone is responsible for regulating the production of Protiens, Fatty Acids and DNA.
Zinc deficiency causes Skin rashes, loss of appetite, loss of taste, and impaired immun
Young children can often get rashes around their mouths and bottoms as a direct result of a Zinc deficiency.
Others who are at risk of Dermatitis due to a Zinc deficiency are-
Persons undergoing Chemotherapy,
Pregnant women,
Those suffering from IBS.
Royal Jelly is an excellent tonic with a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. It helps protect against infection and viruses, being a natural antibiotic and antisepic, and can be of help to those who suffer from Exzema, Psoriasis or Acne, having a beneficial effect on skin generaly.
Starflower Oil in beneficial in treating Eczema, Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis.
Omega 3 is also beneficial for Psoriasis and is an anti-inflammatory
Vitamin C is used in the formation of the building blocks of Collagen, which form the skin, teeth, gums, bones and bllod vessels. 
Vitamin C is water soluble and of an unstable nature, which means it is not stored in the body so must be replenished daily.

It has long been known that a Vitamin C deficiency can damage Gums and Skin yet many Doctors do not seem to think of it when prescribing skin remedies.
We are now beginning to realize the effect Vitamin C has on protecting the skin from damage. Vitamin C also speeds up wound healing and prevents Ultra-Violet induced free radical damage to the skin.
Research showed a decreased Photo ageing and susceptibility to sunburn in animals given supplementation of Vitamin C.



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The above is for information only and is taken from my personal experience. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Stan Richardson

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