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Erectile dysfunction affects thousands of men across the world today and yet it is not openly discussed.  This is a very demoralising condition, not only causing embarrassment to the male but is a cause of frustration to his sexual partner.

Once it happens for the first time and then a second time it is easy to start making excuses; like its because “I’ve had a drink” or “I’m under stress at work” or “I am just too tired”.
As time goes by a behavioural pattern can easily evolve where the man stops up to watch the late night movie or goes onto the Internet until his partner is fast asleep in bed.  He then creeps in beside her hoping not to disturb her in case she should want to make love.
The problem develops and the fear of failure becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, which in turn creates a nasty vicious downward cycle.

NO it is not all in your head:
If a man goes to see his GP in the majority of cases he will be told “it is all in the head” he will sometimes be prescribed with tranquillisers (to help him relax) or more than likely be prescribed an erectile drug with all its risks and numerous side effects.
Unfortunately most doctors even today are still not fully aware of the real problem behind the cause of this physically and mentally extreme debilitating condition.  So you may ask, what is the root cause of the problem?

NO to the rescue:
NO or Nitric Oxide is created in the body by the actions of an Amino Acid which it has been found can stimulate and boost biological processes that are related to virility, sexual performance and penile erection.  

In XXCELL we use two Amino acids in order to boost the body’s output of Nitric oxide, the first one L-arginine accelerates the concentration of NO which increases the arterial elasticity thus reducing the blood pressure and improving erectile processes.
Nobel prize research:

The stimulating effects of the Amino acid L-arginine on sexual performance has been known for some time.  In 1988 American scientists R. F. Furchgott PhD. L. J. Ignarro PhD. and Ferid Murad PhD. won the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for their research of No and its effects on the Cardiovascular system.  Following this discovery professor Salvador Moncada proved that the blood vessels make Nitric oxide from L-arginine.

Ongoing studies have shown that Amino acids are effective against Diabetes, Depression, Osteoporosis, heart attacks, fat metabolism disorders, erectile dysfunction and a compromised immune system.  It was also discovered that Amino acids, due to their antioxidant properties, had an effect on the ageing processes.

All the above subjects were discussed at an International Symposium in Prague entitled “new treatment strategies using amino acids and proteins”.

The Las Vegas penile erection:
It was at a meeting of urologists in Las Vegas that history was made.  In front of all present, Dr. Giles Brindley, dropped his trousers and injected his flaccid penis with a drug, the result of which was an immediate hard erection, dispelling for all time the assumption that erectile dysfunction is just in the head but is a physiological condition which can be helped with the right treatment. 

What Dr. Brindley proved that day was that the problem is one of  dysfunction of the arterial blood vessels and veins in the penis.

Amino acids as antioxidants and the slowing down of the ageing process:
Amino acids are the basis building blocks of the proteins, they are required to build structural proteins, such as Collagen, enzymes, clotting mechanisms, antibodies, transport molecules, muscles and hormones such as Insulin.

Taurine, another of the Amino acids, a constituent of  XXCELL works alongside L-arginine and is also an excellent antioxidant.

Let’s light the fuse:
Unlike drugs such as Viagra, Cialis etc. XXCELL does not work immediately, it can take up to sixty days to build up the Nitric oxide potential in the body but once this happens, as long as you continue the use of  XXCELL and maintain your NO levels you will find the results amazing.

In order to release this time bomb in your body we have added a third natural substance known as Pine Bark Extract which comes from a European coastal pine tree (Pinus maritima) which as well as also being an antioxidant has the ability to dilate the blood vessels.  It is this compound which “lights the touch paper” so to speak.

Help your heart at the same time:
Studies have shown that some of the supplements contained in XXCELL have shown a significant improvement to blood pressure sufferers in a double blind test (MED Sci Monit 2011)

Athletic performance:
Research carried out at Exeter University UK found that taking a supplement containing L-arginine Amino acid in order to enhance the production of Nitric oxide in the body,  significantly boosts stamina during high intensity exercise.  The study published in 2010 in the Journal of applied physiology suggests that taking the supplement can allow athletes to exercise up to twenty percent longer.

So now you have it, without sufficient Nitric Oxide your blood vessels in the penis will not open properly giving you that hard erection you desire, not even with pharmacy drugs.

Erection the facts:
The only thing stopping you having a great sustainable erection and great sex is filling up the tubular vessels called Corpus Cavernosum with pressurised blood and in order to do that you need to open up the inflow valve and close the outflow. To reverse those valves and get a great erection you need three things:
1. Some erotic thoughts or similar stimulus to send to the nerve cells in your Corpus Cavernosum.
2. Some gentle foreplay and stimulation from and with your partner.
3. Sufficient NO gas produced by the Endothelial lining of your arteries to engorge the penis and give you that long standing great erection.

Back to your 20’s:
So the great news is that within sixty days or less you could be having great erections just like you did in your twenties.  The scientists have finally discovered the reason behind erectile dysfunction and now with the help of  XXCELL you could go back to having a great sex life.

XXCELL for erectile dysfunction

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