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pH imbalance the basis of all health problems
When we think of our health we say we are well, or perhaps under the weather, or sometimes we make statements like "I can't put my finger on it but I just don't feel well".
Sometimes when we have been to the doctors he or she may say you are OK but perhaps you are under stress and should take one of their nasty side effect tranquillizers.
What does all this mean?
The body is the most amazing organism on the whole planet.
We are a most complex structure, not only are we made up of bones, skin and muscles, but we also have organs that secrete hormones, enzymes, and other substances. We have a transport system in the form of blood taking food, oxygen and other chemicals to every part of the body.
We also have a secondary transport system known as the Lymphatic system, which working along side the blood circulation, filters and removes some waste and other items which are harmful to the body such things as bacteria etc.
Alongside the above we have organs that process our food and dispose of the waste, process water and again remove the waste, our lungs take in oxygen and disperse our waste gasses, and we have a nervous system which is many times more complex and thousands of times faster than our phone and computer systems of today.
Many of these activities take place without any known input from ourselves, they carry on day and night without any conscious input, for example the heart pumping and the lungs breathing.
The body also acts as host to billions of bacteria, viruses etc. Many of these bacteria are beneficial to the body, whilst others can have a very detrimental effect on our systems, either in a particular location, or on the body as a whole.
The whole of the internal body and all of its organs are surrounded by a huge web like structure known as the connective tissue, this tissue is in many ways responsible for the detoxification of the body, and also transmission of a great deal of vital information. The connective tissue is often referred to in medical terms as the Messenchyme.
A famous French doctor Professor Vincent described the Mesenchyme as the Biological Terrain, he described the Biological Terrain as crucial in the functioning of the whole body, stating that it carried all the information of the body's well being and toxic states.
We can think of the Biological Terrain (BT) as the soil in which our organs grow and flourish when the soil is good, however when the soil is full of toxic waste from the body then the organs do not flourish and may eventually become diseased.
If you can think of the body in this context for a few minuets I want you to imagine the soil in your garden or the farmers field.
So what do we need in order to grow our plants and vegetables? well yes we need the soil but what is it about our soil that gives us a good or poor crop at the end of the season? it is the nutrients in the soil that make all the difference. In order to produce good flowers and vegetables the soil needs to be BALANCED and free from TOXINS.
The most important factors are-
(a) The soil should have good clean texture and good drainage.
(b) The soil should have plenty of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phosphates and nitrogen etc.
(c) The soil should have an adequate supply of good clean water free from chemical pollution.
(d) I have left the most important factor till last.
The correct pH balance for the plants being grown
Good gardeners know that their soil must be in the correct balance between ACID and ALKALINE. To check the soil gardeners and farmers use a special test kit to tell them the state of the soil before they plant their seeds. Unless the pH of the soil is correct, even with all the other factors in place, then the crop will give a very poor yield or even fail.
The Biological Terrain of the body is exactly like the soil in your garden, it is important to maintain the correct pH and all the other factors in balance if we are to remain healthy.

Now imagine for a moment your Biological Terrain as the soil in your garden
This the most neglected and yet most basic health factor in the world today and yet doctors choose to ignore it in any of their basic diagnosis.
The pH of the Biological Terrain is the one basic factor that governs all other factors with regard to our health or sickness. To understand this concept, we first need to know that a neutral pH state is 7.0, below this figure we are ACID and above this we are ALKALINE.
To remain healthy the body should be slightly ALKALINE at 7.2 - 7.4. It is estimated that around 95% of the population are in fact ACID this means their BT is full of toxic waste which in turn means the body is on a crash course to disease.

Let us for a moment look at some of the problems of an ACIDIC body, we refer to this condition as ACUTE ACIDOSIS.
ACIDOSIS causes the following problems.
The connection between Cancer and pH balance
When the Mesenchyme is at a normal level of 7.2 then it is almost impossible for some cancers, tumours and other serious conditions to develop within the body's tissues, including the growth of bad bacteria, moulds and fungi. Once the body becomes ACID, over a period of time all kinds of degenerative states can develop, and bad bacteria, fungus, moulds, and other infections proliferate.
To stay healthy over time you must get the pH correct
When we die it is as a result of the acidosis and micro flora activity that causes the body to decompose. Don't let your body commence this death process before it's time, ensure you keep your body's pH at about 7.2 to remain healthy.

To give you some idea about foods that are beneficial in helping to keep an ALKALINE state I have given them the following ratings.
Here is a list of ALKALINE foods and there levels you can eat as much as you like of these foods.
Peas L , Cabbage L , Beetroot H
Asparagus L , Fennel seeds L,  French Beans H
Sesame seeds L,  Caraway seeds L,  Sorrel H
Artichokes L,  Almonds L,  Brussels Sprouts H
Cumin seeds L,  Olive oil,  L Autumn Spinach H
Borage OIL L,  Evening primrose oil L,  Avocado H
Muscles L,  Tofu L,  Garlic H
Winter Cabbage M,  Onion M,  Tomatoes H
Cauliflower M,  Fresh Peas M,  Endives H
Zucchini M, Red cabbage M, Radish H
Rhubarb M, Leeks M, Cayenne Pepper H
Horseradish M, Water cress M, Dandelion H
Kohlrabi M, Celery H, Barley Grass H
Alfalfa H, Soy Sprouts H, Cucumber H
Wheat Grass H, Soya Flour H, Lima Beans H
Butter Beans H, Soya Nuts H, Soya Lecithin H

Here is a list of ACID foods and their levels, you should be eaten in moderation if you need to bring your pH back into balance.
Pork VH, Veal VH,  BEEF VH
Ocean Fish VH,  Vinegar VH,  Soya sauce VH
Liquor VH,  Fruit Juice's VH
Mustard H,  Ketchup H,  Tea H
Wheat Kernel H,  Brown Rice H,  Wheat H
Corn H,  Chicken H,  Eggs H
Artificial Sweeteners H, White Sugar H, Beet Sugar H
Hard cheese H, Quark H, White Bread H
Beer H, Coffee H, Wine H
Molasses H, Margarine H, Pistachio nuts H
Mayonnaise H, Natural Fruit Juices H, Peanuts H
Macadamia H, Cashew H
Barley Malt Syrup M, Honey M, Milk sugar M
Fructose M, Rice syrup M, Corn Oil M
Walnuts M, Sun flower oil M,  Coconut Oil M
White Biscuits M,  Whole Meal Bread M
Buck wheat L,  Millet L,  Spelt L
Soya Flower L,  Lentils L,  Brazil Nuts L
Hazel Nuts L,  Macadamia L,  Sun Flower Seeds L
Pumpkin Seeds L,  Coconut Milk L,  Flax seeds L
Whole Grain Bread L,  Rye Bread L,  Cream L
Oysters L,  Liver L,  Organ Meats L

How can you get your body back into balance?
Over the years I have found the following products are the answer to the pH problem.
The main product that will help to bring the pH balance back to a normal level is- Natures Choice pH Balance powder. Buy now

P/h Balance is a powder drink which when taken daily will eventually transform an Acidic body back into a perfect 7.2 Alkaline state.
Included in the pH pack is a book of test strips so you can check your own levels using an evening sample of urine. The pH of urine before you go to bed ideally should read between 7.4 - 7.8.

For more information or to buy Acid Alkali formulae

Other products that will assist in cleansing the body and helping to maintain a good pH balance.

Essential Fatty Acids
These are often referred to as EFAS and they also are vital to the body to help maintain a good immune system and a healthy Mesenchyme.
Essential Fatty Acids found in Evening Primrose Oil and Flax Seed Oil are essential in order to strengthen the immune system, lubricate joints, insulate the body against heat loss, produce hormones, provide energy and help produce hormone like substances called Prostaglandins, that protect against heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis and blood clots.
EFAS also help relieve Arthritic symptoms, PMS, allergies, skin conditions and have also been found to aid brain function in children, and improve behavioral problems. EFAS also bind and eliminate ACIDS from the Mesenchyme.
Natures Choice supply both products, the choice is yours of course whether you prefer Evening Primrose Oil or flax Seed Oil.

Evening Primrose Oil or Flax Seed Oil.

For more information or to buy Evening Primrose Oil.

Flax seed Oil

For more information or to buy flax Seed Oil.

Mega H40
I have included also in my recommendation Natures Choice Superior Vitamin and Mineral formulae, which contains 40 different trace elements and herbs. You should be aware that in these modern times most people are deficient in many trace elements that the Mesenchyme requires to remain healthy and in perfect balance.

For more information or to buy Multivitamins & Minerals Mega H40.

Digestive Aid Formulae
This is the last product I would recommend for an acidic body.
As we get older (over 30) our bodies tend to go more to the ACID due to our diet and lifestyle.
Another thing that happens is our digestive Enzymes tend to diminish, allowing our food to pass down into the bowel without proper digestion in the stomach and small intestine. When food goes into the bowel without being correctly processed it can cause all manor of problems in the Mesenchyme, bowel and liver etc.
Natures Choice Digestive Aid Formulae contains two powerful digestive enzymes Papain and Bromelain to ensure that our food is correctly digested before it goes into the duodenum, thus helping to prevent any problems in the lower bowel.

For more information or to buy Digest Aid Formulae.

The above is for information only and is taken from my personal experience. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice.

Stan Richardson

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